Content Management

In an attempt to clean things up on this page I’ve moved to a homemade, bare bones CMS.This may have been more trouble than it’s worth. There’s a lot to be done. Or not, depending on how happy I am with the way things work now. I really would like to implement a markup system and sectionalize it all, though.

The sections will have to wait indefinitely. I’m not up to wrestling that into submission, yet. The markup conversion will be done before that. With the time I’ve wasted fumbling around with that already it may be later rather than sooner.

So why not just use a tool like WordPress or MovableType? Because doing things yourself is more satisfying. Much, much more. Especially when considering no one else in the world has what you do. It’s like… family. 🙂

Well, maybe that last bit’s a stretch.

As always, anyone interested in the code feel free to contact me using the link in the footer of the page.

[Leaving this here for the sake of posterity. Link to the old pages forthcoming…]

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