New iTunes web remote package

Seems to work fairly reliably now. Plus, it has finally been tested on Opera for the Nintendo DS.

Download: – 40KB


  • Macintosh OS X v. 10.4.x
  • The BSD “subsystem” installed (It is by default)
  • iTunes 7.3 (I’ve only tested and used it with this version)
  • Administrator privileges

Before Use:

You must enable PHP for and start Personal Web Sharing (the Apache HTTP server). See PHPmac – Enabling Apple’s Supplied PHP in OS X 10.4 Tiger for a great guide on doing so.


Download and unzip the iTunesDSr archive. Place the folder named iTunesDSr into your User Sites folder.
IMPORTANT! As is, iTunesDSr will not work if placed in any folder other than your User Sites folder!


Double click the iTunesDSr FA.scpt file (located in the scripts folder of iTunesDSr) to open it in Script Editor. Choose “Save as…” from the File menu and save it into the Folder Actions Scripts folder in your User Scripts folder (~/Library/Scripts). If the Folder Actions Scripts folder does not exist there, create it before saving.

Enable Folder Actions using Folder Actions located in the AppleScript folder of the Applications folder.

Check the Enable Folder Actions checkbox.

Close Folder Actions Setup and navigate in the Finder back to the iTunesDSr folder. Control Click on the scripts folder (inside the iTunesDSr folder) and select Attach a Folder Action… from the contextual menu.

In the Choose a File dialog, select the iTunesDSr FA.scpt file you saved earlier.

Control-click on the iTunesDSr scripts folder and select Get Info from the contextual menu. In the Info window click on the disclosure triangle at Ownership & Permissions, then again on Details. Click the lock icon to the right of the Owner (your) name to allow changes to the permissions. After entering your credentials when prompted, click on the Group pop-up menu and select “www” from the list. You will most likely be prompted for an administrator* password again. Now click on the Access pop-up menu and select “Read & Write” from the list.

Set-up done!


This software behaves very sluggish. This is necessary to allow Folder Actions a chance to see the temporary files needed to pass commands to and get information from iTunes. The PHP send_com.php is set to sleep for 3 seconds after writing the “request” files before removing them. This delay seems to work the most reliably for me (dual 2.5 G5, 1GB RAM). If your results vary, you may wish to edit the sleep(3); function at line 30 of send_com.php.


Point your browser at – http://your.intranet.ip.address/~youruser/iTunesDSr/index.php


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