Back up

After a week of no “real” site, we are back in personal, non-business. One filesystem failure is all it takes to nearly wipeout you and your backup. I don’t think any photos I’ve uploaded have survived. I’ll have a look later. Eventually.

Luckily the database has survived.

Wait-and-seeily we are running 10.7 Server instead of the DIY creature we’ve used since 2003 (counting the last machines predecessor). I am not what you’d call happy with the It has several problems, not the least of which is it’s inability to config all available services or fully config ANY of the services, though File Sharing comes close. Even Server Admin, the rehash of the previous tool contains chestnuts such as “local internet domain name”. WTF? Don’t try to configure devices in Profile Manager unless you’re able to continue or willing to force quit since there’s no way to back out of it. You cannot config port 993 for IMAPS using profile manager even though the server uses it! They expect “Use SSL” to mean “Use STARTTLS” to everyone they don’t tell it to. Which is everyone.

Really, it’s that bad. But I’m hoping that come a few updates, maybe even to 10.8 it’ll get better. Can’t get much worse. Right?

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