iPhoto ’11 is a PITA to use

Photo metadata. Keywords, description / caption:

ExifRenamer (have)


Straight-up iPhoto competitors:

http://www.kavasoft.com/Shoebox/ [This has gone the way of the cloud. Boo!]


[added 2015-01-23]

Too bad UPnP / DLNA is such a shambles. Network photo streaming is where iPhoto has [had] them all beat… so long as you connect via OS X, iOS, or TV. [Sharing iPhoto to iPhoto has been removed. You’re supposed to rely on iCloud photostream sharing. This “solution” is ass.]

1 thought on “iPhoto ’11 is a PITA to use

  1. Kevin Post author

    “Downgraded” to the more usable / user friendly previous version and couldn’t feel better.

    Until next time…


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