Walk down a directory to label (and reveal) zero byte files

_count is not working and I’m not sure why. :/

The walkFolder() function is recursive, so be careful where you choose to run this. Made to help identify corrupt old archives that have been copied (and copied) from Mac to WINDOWS to CDs and back.

on walkFolder(f, _count)
  list folder f
  repeat with i in the result
    set _item to (alias (f & i))
    if folder of (info for _item) then
      walkFolder(f & i & ":", _count)
      if first character of i is not "." then
        if size of (info for _item) is 0 then
          tell application "Finder"
            set label index of _item to 7 -- Gray. Perhaps adding a spotlight comment would be better...
          reveal _item -- Comment this out if you expect a lot of results.
          end tell
          set _count to _count + 1
        end if
      end if
    end if
  end repeat
  return _count
end walkFolder

on run {}
  set _count to 0
    tell application "Finder" to set cwd to folder of window 1 as alias
  on error
    set cwd to path to desktop folder
  end try
  set theFolder to (choose folder "Select a folder to list:" default location cwd) as string
  my walkFolder(theFolder, _count)
  display dialog (_count as text) & " files found to be 0 bytes" giving up after 600
end run

Apologies for formatting errors as I’m editing this post on Safari from OS X 10.5 which doesn’t work well with WordPress’ auto-drafting.

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