Speaking against the media narrative of motor vehicle collisions

As a once/sometime/hopefully again vehicular cyclist, a father, and a driver who tries to change my own attitude toward driving and motor vehicles, I consider myself part of the Crash Not Accident crowd. And this is my comment/rant on a recent article about a “truck getting into an accident with a pedestrian” (to paraphrase it).

Genericized and placed here for possible future use. This may be expanded on at some point.

Drivers don’t get cited because society gives us a pass. That’s starting to change but we need publications like this one to get on board. When describing a collision involving a motor vehicle do not attribute it to the vehicle. The truck didn’t hit the pedestrian, the driver did.

Also, drop the term “accident.” When an outside force is not involved these crashes and wrecks are *never* an accident. Faulty manufacturing, poor maintenance, and especially lack of due care while driving are all 100% preventable by a person making a better choice. The smoldering wreckage and broken bodies of a motor vehicle collision are consequences, not accidents.

Driving is by far the most dangerous thing most people will ever do. It’s past time to (once again) see it for what it is. Maybe then tens of thousands of people wouldn’t be killed year after year after year.

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